Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
Banquets and Catering

Matthew Garland - Banquet Manager

Matthew Garland joined the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in January of 2018 as a Banquet Manager. Prior to then, Matthew started his hospitality career at 16 years old with the Hilton Brand. During this time he moved up the ranks from a host to a server to a supervisor and then to a restaurant manager. He was able to make this progression while going to school full time for Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida. After getting his BS in Hospitality Management in 2016 he was able to focus his studies on the ever growing craft beer industry and has toured many breweries around the world including a trip to Ireland to learn about the history and brewing methods of Guinness.

Matthew has a passion for healthy eating and overall human optimization. This has allowed him to dive deep into nutritional studies and dietary habits. Matthew understands the importance of food nutrition and how it affects the overall well-being and the impacts it has on our society.